Founder and CEO

Nitin R. Singh

About Nitin Singh's

NRS II CAPITAL acquires and manages real estate properties with a focus on both near term income generation and long-term value creation. Nitin Singh, Founder and CEO, created NRS II Capital to provide everyday investors access to the institutional-grade real estate deals that are normally reserved for only the largest investors. 

Nitin Singh’s Insights


Offering Description

NRS II Capital offers accredited investors the opportunity to capitalized on strategic real estate investments. NRS II Capital believes that attractive investment opportunities will increase as the US cycles through an inflationary environment. The Fund will seek up to $150 million in capital commitments to target properties in high-growth markets that have demonstrated substantial increases in population and job creation.

The Fund will strategically target primarily multifamily assets that exhibit strong potential for both near- term income and long-term appreciation. The Fund will consider investing across the risk-return spectrum, including newly built, core properties to Class B properties in Class A locations in need of a value-add program. The Fund may also consider investing in other types of commercial real estate on an opportunistic basis, particularly office properties with an attractive price.

NRS II Capital is projected to co-invest at ownership proportions that have yet to be determined. However, if co-investment were to occur it is anticipated Fund will have a majority ownership position in any properties.

Offering Highlights
Target Cash on Cash – 6%
Target Investor IRR – 15%
Target Equity Multiple – 2.5X=


(Have a net worth of over $1M excluding the value of your home OR earn more than $200k annually ($300k with spouse) for the past two years.)